by Gorecrow

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released October 7, 2015

Sorn // Ry-Gloon // Shiren

All music, lyrics and artwork by Gorecrow



all rights reserved


Gorecrow Denton, Texas

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Track Name: Consuming Sleep
Spectral light, and silent sleep
Across the night, a reverie
Dissociate, rejoin again
Then lose the self in the end

Shadow sight, look down the river of time
Across the air waves, vibrating color

The gravity of nothingness
Weighs on the mind, but not the body

Begin to slip, and fade away
And wash ashore in empty space
Dissociate, rejoin again
Float on, float on

Float into the grey
Track Name: Kanashibari
Demons watch as I sleep
All in black and whispering: "Kana tevoro"
While it eats, it laughs at me

Can't breathe, chained down
The sinister Dark sits next to me
Unseen shadow, beckoning

Shadow guardian, on his night watch
Each night, waiting for me to sleep
The terror I push aside, I try to hide
Comes bearing down in darkened dreams

Weighed down by demons
Bound by their dark hands
Clawing wraiths, eating

Cold and paralyzed
Dear god, not again
Oh god, please, not now

Hateful nightmares, watching, mocking
Each night, staring, frozen black shades
Breathless, I try to hide, to close my eyes
I suffocate, they sit and wait
Track Name: Misanthrope
Hollow faces, silent voices
Still framed echoes, whispering
Just like in a dream
A movie screen, or so it seems

Dead eyes staring, mocking me
I'd tear my own eyes out to get away
But I know they'd follow me
Glaring, drooling

Too much pressure
Too much
Track Name: Predator/Prey
I found hope
Not in their words, nor in the comfort of the crowd
But in solitude, and silence, and shadows

Night falls heavy on the vibrant heart
But feels like home to the wolf
In secrecy I slumber
In secrecy I watch

It's my night (a sin undone)
Drawn to firelight (burned)

You say your body is not mine
Burn, it's my final night

This was mine
Take what's mine

It's mine

It's mine (say it to me, it's mine)
You'll say you're mine
And you'll say you're mine (this is mine)

And you'll say to me (just say it)
You'll say you're mine (it's mine)
And you'll say you're mine

I'll take what's mine